Our party room can be set up as a private room and can seat 50-60 people. We allow this room to be reserved for special occasions of all sorts ranging from birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, etc.. Here are some details you may find helpful.



  • A $100 deposit is required to make the room private and as long as 25 people show up in your private party to eat, the $100 will be subtracted from your total.
  • The party room is available anytime Monday through Sunday except for Sunday morning and afternoon.
  • We need at least one week notice to book your party if it's private.
  • The seating in our party room can be arranged a few different ways depending on your needs.
  • We also have electrical outlets available for projectors or other electronics you may bring depending on your needs.




To reserve our party room or to book a large party please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.